Community Centre

We at PEACE have always dreamt of successfully managing a Community Center – dedicated to Seniors.


Our community center plan is multi-fold and we at PEACE prefer to walk slow, but make steady progress. Initially, our plan is to manage a rented community center and let seniors enjoy one Sunday every week with PEACE. Thereafter, we will increase the services for a few additional days in a week. Finally, we would want to own and operate a place where we could serve seniors each and every day.


Our world will have the following where seniors can drop in for the whole day:

  • Group activities
  • Social Support
  • Information
  • Free computer labs
  • Free kitchens
  • Entertainment & Recreation
  • Health Center
  • Many more……

We hope, pray and seek the support of the world around us to help us achieve our DREAM



“A dream is a wish your heart makes” – Walt Disney, Sleeping Beauty
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