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Prevention of Elder Abuse and Community Education (PEACE) Services is a not for profit registered Charity since 2007. PEACE has been providing FREE services to the Community in general and seniors in particular for about 10 years across the GTA.

  • Prevent Elder Abuse by bringing awareness through education
  • Promote a healthy and active lifestyle among seniors by relieving loneliness and isolation.
  • Free computer/heatlh awareness sessions for seniors.
  • Operational drop-in center for seniors to provide recreation, education and cultural activities.
  • Provide new immigrants access to technical skills and settlement services


The Founding Directors of PEACE have seen/experienced ill-treatment of Seniors by their own family members. Seniors who have immigrated to Canada as dependents of other family members have often had difficulties integrating with the Society due to their Culture, Language, Skillsets which creates an undesirable gap with their grandchildren/youth. For the most part these Seniors are non-earning members of the family and are usually considered a burden, a liability and at best day-care providers for their grandchildren. Their health, living conditions deteriorate resulting in unhappy families, increased Seniors Abuse/crime adding to overall Government Costs.

PEACE has a successful track record of managing these Senior Affairs. We, the Directors/Management of PEACE understand the root causes of Senior Abuse and have successfully managed our programs which have embedded formulas to reduce abuse.

We are a team of 5 Directors from diversified, professional backgrounds in Public Service, Information Technology, Logistics, Finance & Accounting.

This team of Directors includes some having a proven track record of managing about 50-100 Senior students in one season. PEACE is run by an overriding mandate, guided by its Articles of Association and the Directors of PEACE have ensured proper governance and accountability at all times. Our financial statements and tax returns are up-to-date with procedures in place for Tax Receipts and Cash disbursements. 


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