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Computer Training for New Immigrants

PEACE recently held tableau training classes for groups of participants. Many of the students who completed our course and attended our sessions found very good jobs in their desired and related fields. Many of these students have provided testimony to the effectiveness of our training programs and the role they played in supporting these newcomers to achieve success and stability. 


CCIM Students

Last year after an attack on a church in Sri Lanka by a right-wing group, PEACE decided to host a gathering at a church service in Mississauga to showcase the solidarity of the Muslim community with members of the Christian communities.  The church service was filled and attended by members of various communities, including PEACE and The CCIM. Furthermore, the Peel Police was also in attendance to assure the smooth sailing of the event. The multi-faith gathering was greatly appreciated across the community and create bonds of trust between the participants. 

Syrian Refugee
Support Program

COSTI, the settlement agency tasked with the government-assisted Syrians’ resettlement in Toronto, said the government allowances are in line with the social assistance rate for Canadians, but since most Syrian families are large, the meagre government support must be supplemented with child benefits. PEACE Services and volunteers have since donated and raised money to buy food for some 34 families.


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